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Web application development is to create an application software or program that runs and resides on a web server. It is not a downloadable computer software application. Instead, it runs on the OS or operating system and is accessed through the internet.

At Colour Kraft, we understand that web applications can help in various facets of your business and brand development. Some of the web applications that businesses use are email, online auctions, instant messaging, online sales, and more.

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Web applications, such as instant messaging, email improve communication within the business, as well as with customers. Brand announcements, business offers, etc., can be effectively sent out to clients, customers and employees


Easy to use, the instructions and steps are clear while set up and also during use


The web applications ensure that your business data is protected. Communication, as well as, the time of messaging can be managed and limited.


At Colour Kraft, we ensure that the application fits as per your requirements and customization.

Our team at Colour Kraft helps design easy and effective web applications for your business and brand development

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