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A vehicle wrap is one of the most conspicuous ways to advertise. Companies and corporations usually require vehicles for their business needs. And what better idea to utilize the vehicle as an advertising billboard that moves around from place to place

Our services

At Colour Kraft, we help you design attractive and impressive vehicle wraps. We undertake services for all kinds of vehicles, including different models of cars, SUVs, bikes, and more. Also, our designs are printable on various types of car wraps, such as matte, glossy, satin, brushed car wrap, etc

Why choose Colour Kraft business card designs?

Size, format, and layout

The real attraction of vehicle wrap designs is the style of formatting and layout. Each vehicle has a different size, shape, and curvature. Our designers ensure that the vehicle wrap designs fit precisely on the desired vehicle. Also, our expert team understands which particular information to highlight, such as contact or product details

Creative and attractive designs

Several vehicles pass by us, at signals, or are parked on the roadside. But only a few truly attract our attention. At Colour Kraft, we design noteworthy and striking vehicle wraps that instantly catch the attention of passers-by.


We guarantee our clients designs of exceptional quality. Our designers are well-versed with the latest tools to ensure that vehicle wrap designs are in sync with the most updated technology.
At Colour Kraft, we work closely with our clients to deliver on-time, great-quality vehicle wraps. We assure you that with our designs, your vehicle will surely make heads turn!

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