Book Layout Design

A book is often judged by its cover! An engrossing and fascinating book cover can instantly attract buyers. At Colour Kraft, we offer book layout design services and perfect book covers. After all, your hard work as a writer, publisher, or marketer is worth an absorbing title cover.

Our Services

Children’s books
Coffee table books
Scrapbooks/guest books
Novels/biographies/story books/poetry books
Yearbooks/portfolios and more

Why choose Colour Kraft for book layout designs?

Context comprehension

We don’t only design the book layout, but also understand the context of the book. The cover is an illustrative representation of what the book entails. And our designers understand the backdrop and subject of the book before plunging into designing the layout.

Layout plan

At Colour Kraft, we take the manuscript and design the book layout according to the client's requirements. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the book layout is in adherence with their idea, as well as, per the ease and interest of the readers

Reasonable pricing

Our designers ensure a quick turnaround time, and we do not hesitate to create multiple drafts and designs if our clients have different proposals and ideas. Our pricing is thus affordable and ideal for initial designs and reiterations.

Our Works

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