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Brochures and flyers are a welcome relief in the business world. A booklet or flyer that narrows down the products of the company, in short, and precise form, is time-saving and easy to use.

Our services

At Colour Kraft, we help you design your brochure and flyers that are crisp, condensed, and attractive. Our services include designing

Flyers or Leaflets – Single page, front, and back
Printable Brochures – bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, dimensional lengthwise and Custom size
Booklets – Pages in pairs

Why choose Colour Kraft brochure and flyer design services?

Briefing and bonding

We meet up with our clients for a brief on their design requirements. Understanding the business, we design the brochure/flyer that fits perfectly with our client’s needs. We aim to customize the flyer/brochure as per the requirement of the brand, aiding in its success and reach.

Crisp and compact

Any business has an inventory and multiple products and services. But a brochure or booklet condenses all the content and presents it in a tight and brief form. At Colour Kraft, we value the importance of concise information. Our designers ensure that the relevant information is placed with strategic and creative design to highlight important details, such as product information, contact details, and more

Quality, timely turnaround, and security

We do not compromise on quality and make sure to use the latest tools to create brochures and flyers. Our timely deliverance is also one of our strengths. Also, we value your brand security and do not share the designs with any other clients.

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