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Social media is one of the best marketing and advertising platforms in our time. As increasingly several people log into Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, the consumer reach for brands has greatly expanded. Posting about your business or brand on social media can make your product and services go viral and popular

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At Colour Kraft, we design social media creative posts that fit into the format and context of each of these platforms. We create promotions, advertisements, and posts, for the following social media platforms


Why choose Colour Kraft business card designs?

Target audience

A social media post can work wonders if it targets the correct audience. At Colour Kraft, our interactions with our clients help us understand the range and demographics of the consumer that needs to be selected.

Clever and inventive designs

A post or promotion needs to attract the audience in a split of minutes. If the creative is not innovative or interesting enough, the user may immediately scroll to the next post. At Colour Kraft, our designers endeavor to create meaningful, crisps, and eye-catching posts to engage potential customers

Versatile and well versed

Designers at Colour Kraft are well versed with the different social media platforms. They also understand the versatility of each social media medium and create posts according to the requirements of the brand, as well as its virtual audience.
With timely designs of exceptional quality and creativity, our social media posts bring more traffic and users to our clients' business accounts and social handles.

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