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The food industry is an important component of world economics. Restaurants and hotels via for customers, trademark dishes and services that set them apart from the rest in the competition. Though several aspects are involved in running a food business, one of the most important is the food menu. The menu is the backbone of the business! Not just in terms of the food served, but also the listing of it on a menu card.

Our services

At Colour Kraft, we design menu cards that speak of your vision for your business and fondness for food. The design of our menu cards is in tandem with the true essence of our client’s food ventures. The different services we offer in menu card designs include:

Static menu cards
A la Carte menu cards
Cycle menu cards
Daily menu cards
Beverage menu cards
Cocktail menu cards and more

Why choose Colour Kraft business card designs?

Understanding the client’s food venture

At Colour Kraft, we first try to understand the type of food business of our client. Is it a takeaway or a fine dining experience? Is it Chinese cuisine or an Indian menu? After various and continuous interactions with the client, we accordingly design the menu card. The menu cards are thus in the order of the type of services offered by the client.

Innovative designs

The food industry has loads of competition. And to make a mark, the menu card must be innovative and creative. We help design attractive and unique menu cards that engage and arouse the interest of the customer

Affordable and interactive

Our menu card designs are both affordable and dependable. We also make sure to present drafts and ideas to the client before finalizing the menu card.

The menu card is a major stakeholder in the successful running of any food business. And we at Colour Kraft strive to not leave any food for thought when it comes to designing excellent, high-quality menu cards.

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