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A mockup design is a prototype for websites and applications. It showcases to clients what the final web page, website, or application might look like. It is usually a static design that may not be functional but is a representation of how and what the final design of the application or website would be.

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At Colour Kraft, we value the importance of showing mockup designs to our clients. It gives them a clear understanding of how the final output will be. We do mockup designs for websites, product packaging, mobile applications, web pages, and more.

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Drafts and discussions

At Colour Kraft, we discuss and interact with our clients to understand their vision and requirements. We then create mockup designs that are in line with their needs and do not shy away from preparing various drafts and multiple mockup ideas. We strive to give our clients as many variations, combinations, and ideas to help them find the design that works best for their business.

Quality and creativity

Our designers use updated tools to create a visual draft of what the website or application may look like. A mockup doesn’t have the functionality of the final website but it gives a pretty good idea of the end result. At Colour Kraft, we ensure that our mockups are creative and of high quality and the final designs are in sync with it.
Mockup designs are important as they bring the idea of the design to life. And we at Colour Kraft are always ready to ideate and execute all your design needs.

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