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A business card may be a small piece of paper. But it is a summary of your business, packed with product details and contact information. Handing over your business card is also a sign of leadership and authority. It is the hallmark of your business identity that makes your brand accessible and invites deals and transactions.

Our services

At Colour Kraft, we cater to all business card designing requirements. From minute detailing to the overall colour, font, and formatting of the card, we have you covered! Our services include designing business cards of various specifications and sizes.

Trade business cards
Classic business cards
Wild format business cards
Social business cards
Sided /Oriented business cards
Personal business cards

Why choose Colour Kraft business card designs?

Understanding the business requirements

Why do you need a business card? What information do you wish to share? All such questions and more are taken care of by our team who first understand your brand and its requirements. Only when we know the brand, can we realize which aspects of the business to highlight on the card.

Succinct and to the point

Every relevant business detail needs to be cleverly designed on the card to attract the attention of potential clients. Our designers understand the importance of layout and putting on the card the most essential information and content.

Creative and alluring

Full of details, the design of the card needs to be creative and appealing too. A boring business card is often flung aside without much thought. Our expert designers ensure that the card is designed creatively to attract customers

Quality and style

We ensure high-quality designs that are compatible with print. We also make sure that the styling of the card is effective, attractive, and easy to understand.

At reasonable pricing, Colour Kraft creates the perfect business card designs for your organization. It is slick, elegant, smart, and to the point.

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